Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 03/21/2022

  • Call to order
    • HOA Communication Chair, Jason Sowash, called to order the March monthly meeting of the Grand Lake HOA Board at 1842pm on 03/21/2022 at the Community Clubhouse.
  • Roll call
    • The following were present 
    • Board: Jason Sowash, Sam Hilson and Ela Perry 
    • Committee representative present: Finance, Social 
    • Residents: N/A
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting
    • Board members discussed and were not sure if approval of last meeting minutes had been done. 
  • Open issues & board reports
    1. Treasurer report: checking – $16,471. 00; Savings – $17,200.39.
    2. Communication report: No residents present to discuss issues. 
  • New business
    1. Discussed new board position allocation and roles and responsibilities. Roles are as follows:
      • President – Teddy Schell
      • VP – Jason Sowash
      • Secretary – Steven Lowder
      • Treasurer – Ela Perry
      • Communication – Sam Hilson
    2. Finance committee is requesting that Elite start sending quarterly statements electronically. VP to send email to Elite to discuss process. 
    3. VP to ask Elite to send App Folio access to new board members
    4. General discussion about pool furniture. Nothing voted on.
    5. Reviewed water leaks out and inside clubhouse. All repairs have been completed. 
    6. Discussed $1,850 quote to run water line to pool with auto refill. Will reduce utilities cost. Board would like to get quote for repainting of clubhouse and compare them to decide which we can put in the budget for 2022 and the other to push to 2023. VP to send email to Elite asking for quotes. 
    7. Communication discussed new Email host and server at reduced cost. Will continue to gather information and prepare for migration.
    8. Discussed lien on resident home due to multiple years of not paying dues, fines and late fees. Treasurer is collecting more data. Asking for legal guidance from Elite. Will follow up with board then formal communication will be drafted and sent to homeowner. 
  • Adjournment
    • HOA VP, Jason Sowash, adjourned the meeting at 2015pm.
    • Minutes submitted by:  Jason Sowash
    • Minutes approved by:  Email