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Grand Lake HOA Documents

A collection of documents that are good references for all residents of the Grand Lake Subdivision. These documents define our HOA guidelines and enforcements, the formation of the HOA, and information about the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Rental Form

This application is mandatory for reserving Private or Special Neighborhood Events at the Club House and Pool.

Clubhouse Rental Rules

The Clubhouse House is a place for everyone to enjoy. These rental rules are to help make sure everyone can.

GL HOA Covenants

Declaration of protective covenants for Grand Lake Subdivision.

GL HOA Amendment

Amendment to the declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions

GL HOA By-Laws

Document defining the administration of the HOA.

GL HOA Articles of Incorporation

Document declaring Grand Lake Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc. as non-profit corporation.

Flood Papers

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determination of flooding hazards to the Grand Lake Subdivision.

Fencing Guidelines

All fences must meet these guidelines and be approved before construction starts.

GL Plat Drawing

An architectural document that defines each lot and all common areas of the Grand Lake Subdivision.

GL HOA Board Policies

Document to outline Board Interpretations of Covenant Issues.

GL HOA Committee Task

Document defining the purpose and operation of Committees created by the HOA Board.

GL Fine Schedule

Document defining when and how fines are assessed, and how they will escalate.