Outbuilding Guidelines

Outbuildings. No outbuilding shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot unless it has the quality of workmanship and materials, harmony of external design with the existing structures, and location with respect to topography and finish grade elevation. All structures must be built on-site and have prior written consent from the Architectural Control Committee. 

An Outbuilding is defined as a building, such as a shed, barn, or garage, on the same property but separate from a more important one, such as a house.

Rule Breakdown

  • Match the quality of workmanship and materials
    • It should be of high-quality materials and be well made. 
    • For larger permanent structures a similar brick to the home should be used. 
    • Utilities, if any, should be located underground
  • Match the harmony of external design with the existing structures
    • The materials should be a  similar color to the home or a complementary set of colors.
  • Located with respect to topography and finish grade elevation
    • General the structure should be level
    • Located in the back area of the lot 
  • Must be built on-site 
    • No prefabricated sheds that are not assembled in place
  • Have prior written consent from the Architectural Control Committee

Additional Guidelines for Attached Structures

Outbuildings that are attached to the main house must additional meet the following guidelines:

  • have a concrete foundation at least 4 inches thick.
  • have exterior walls of wooden framed construction.
  • match your home’s roof pitch and shingles.
  • match your home’s brick and color scheme.
  • match as closely as possible your home’s windows.

Additional Guidelines for Houses around the Lake


Example Outbuilding and Size limitations


Maximum Footprint

Maximum Height


960 sq/ft

18 feet


144 sq/ft

15 feet


320 sq/ft

16 feet


240 sq/ft

10 feet


36 sq/ft

7 feet

Playset enclosed area

25 sq/ft

12 feet

Storage/Utility Shed

144 sq/ft

10 feet


These exceptions do not require Architectural Review.

  • A structure lacking a roof is not considered an Outbuilding, e.g., a swing set or playset with no enclosed area.
  • A playhouse concealed from view from the street behind a home’s perimeter privacy fence is not required to complement your home’s color scheme.
  • A storage container (like a patio box) that esthetically matches the house and is in good working order placed against the back of a home or within a privacy fence is exempt from Outbuilding restrictions if its footprint is less than 25 sq/ft and less than 7 ft tall; Limit 2 per

NOTE: An outbuilding that does not satisfy these guidelines but has already been approved or given a variance is grandfathered and should not be considered out of compliance until such time that the outbuilding needs replacement or substantial repair.