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This page is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions from community members and potential community members.

Hoa Board

The most up-to-date contact information for the HOA Board can be found the the Contact page. Both board members and committee chairs are listed.

Public HOA Board meetings are held regularly each quarter. Information about upcoming meetings will be listed on the Community page.


The Grand Lake Clubhouse is available for rent for our residents. More information about clubhouse rentals can be found on the Amenities page.

The pool will typically open each year for Memorial Day and remain open until Labor Day. You can find more information about the pool on the Amenities page.

Key Fobs

Homeowners should receive one key fob with the purchase of their home from Elite Housing Management. If you did not receive your key fob contact Elite Keys and Reservations. This key fob grants you access to the pool area. Additionally, access to the clubhouse is added to your fob when a reservation is made, for the date/time of the reservation.

If a key fob is lost or stolen, immediately contact the HOA Board to have your lost key disabled. This helps us keep our system up to date, and free of unaccounted key fobs.

To Replace the key fob you will need to contact Elite Keys and Reservations. There is a $25 fee for replacement key fobs. 

You may pay a $25 fee to obtain an extra key fob. We limit each house hold to two active key fobs at a time. To request an extra fob contact Elite Keys and Reservations.

The rental management company or homeowner for your property is responsible for providing renters with a key fob. Neither Elite Keys and Reservations nor the HOA board will issue you a key fob directly. If your property manager does not have a key fob for you they must contact Elite on your behalf to obtain one. 

There are many reasons your key fob might be deactivated or not working:

  • The Board will deactivate pool keys if the pool is damaged or contaminated for public safety. 
  • The Board will deactivate pool keys for homeowners whose dues are delinquent for more than 30 days without a payment plan to get current.
  • An error may have occurred that caused your key to be removed from the system. 

For any questions about pool access, you can always contact Elite Keys and Reservations or the HOA Board.

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