Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 10/17/2022

  • Called to Order: President Teddy Shell, 6:30
  • Discuss the plan for lake repair with New Era
    • The project is approved and Elite has given the contractor the green light
    • Areas of the lake will be fenced off for safety
    • Survey for utilities
    • Adding gravel
    • Fix the most dangerous parts first
    • Depending on the weather, it could be done within a month to a month and half
    • The contractor is working on a quote for a possible sidewalk
  • Committee
    • Adopted new Fees, but we want to keep our same schedule
    • Mark Casey is going to once again do the election board
    • The playground Pirate ship is removed and materials are being purchased
  • Financial Update
    • Q3 budget review
      • Currently, we are over budget
      • Checking: 21789.80
      • Saving: 17260.57
  • Board Business
    • Lock for office installed
    • Welcome Harrold as the Interim VP
    • Reach out to Secretary about seeking a replacement
    • The financial committee needs to be stood down
    • Adding covenant and by-law review to the newsletter
  • Adjourned at 8:44

Please cast your vote for the proposed 2024 budget.