Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 10/18/2021

  • Call to order
    • HOA Communication Chair, Jason Sowash, called to order the October monthly meeting of the Grand Lake HOA Board at 1832pm on 10/18/2021 at the Community Clubhouse.
  • Roll call
    • The following were present
    • Board: Jason Sowash, Kyle Hamlin, Ela Perry, Cody Jackson (Interim) and Roland LaFlamme
    • Committee members: Jason Shaw (clubhouse), Rebekah Shaw (social), Cora Casey & Toni Bridges (landscaping) and Mark Casey (ARC)
    • Residents: Sam Hilson as IT advisor to the board
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting
    • Board members discussed and were not sure if approval of last meeting minutes had been done.
  • Open issues & board reports
    • Vice President provided updates/report on committees.
    • Treasurer report: For the year net loss of $293.48; $12,000 in pre-paid dues; checking – $27,325.44 (includes pre-pays); Savings – $17,224.64. All committee 2022 budgets need to be submitted by Nov. 15, 2021 board meeting. Cora Casey and Toni Bridges from Landscaping committee discussed their 2022 budget requests.
    • Communication report: Introduced Cody Jackson as Interim board member. President, Roland LaFlamme, provided update on timeline for him leaving the board. Sam Hilson provided update on website. Discussed key fob system and now having remote access
  • New business
    • Annual bid follow/up: Jason Sowash to email Elite about water issue on side of clubhouse. Jason Sowash to email Elite about more cleaning quotes. Kyle Hamlin to get HOA management quotes. Jason Sowash to email Pool Chair, Kara, to get annual quotes and 2022 budget. Jason Sowash to email Elite about pool gate repair.
    • Communication Chair, Jason Sowash, to connect Secretary, Steve Larson, and Sam Hilson for purposes of posting minutes to website.
    • Roles and responsibilities: Board had discussion around current roles and responsibilities of board members. Communication, Jason Sowash, will revise based on conversation and send out to board members for approval.
    • Discussed covenant changes and process for them. Need to get Secretary, Steve Larson, input.
    • Sam Hilson to look at cloud based dropbox for document storage that Elite currently holds.
    • Board discussed quotes from Elite re: parking lot stripping. Board would like to review actual quotes sent before voting. Communication, Jason Sowash, to email Elite for request. Vote set for Nov2021 board meeting.
    • Communication, Jason Sowash, to email Elite about shopping out insurance.
    • Board had general discussion about committee chairs terms and possible elections for positions. No vote performed. Pushing further discussion until next board meeting.
    • Communication, Jason Sowash, to email Elite to ask about any pending ARC requests
  • Adjournment
    • HOA President, Roland LaFlamme, adjourned the meeting at 2050pm.
    • Minutes submitted by: Jason Sowash
    • Minutes approved by: Email

Please cast your vote for the proposed 2023 covenant amendments