Meeting Minutes – 20 March 2023

Role Call

  • Board (all present)
    • President: Schell (Virtual)
    • VP: Hornung
    • Treasurer: Perry
    • Communications: Hilson
    • Secretary: Maginot
  • Committee Members
    • Social: Cobbs
  • Residents: None

Redstone Federal Credit Union Denying Deposits Due to Incorrect Recipient Name

  •  If any residents are making checks payable to “Elite Housing” instead of Grand Lake
  • HOA” the checks are being kicked back. All checks must be made payable to Grand
  • Lake HOA, not elite housing management.
  •  Either we can return checks to homeowners requesting they write the correct name, or
  • request homeowners enroll in autopay.
  •  Signature Cards: we need to update signature cards; this will require all signature card
  • holders to be present at the same time (3 people, president, treasurer and
  • representative from Elite)
  •  Discussing movement of HOA account to another location: Synovus on Whitesburg. Will
  • explore the possibility of changing accounts to Synovus bank.
  •  Closing this out, we need to assess the scope of this problem. How many people need
  • to switch the name they are writing checks out to; is it worth the effort to change the
  • entire financial institution for the HOA due to other effects, changing internet and utilities,
  • changing autopay/billpay for people who bank through Redstone FCU.
  •  Will revisit in next HOA meeting.

Discuss/Revise Outbuilding Guidelines and Adopt: 

  • Will begin maintaining a clearer definition of outbuilding requirements for garden boxes,
  • cabinets, other storage solutions for public knowledge in the neighborhood.
  • Clause limiting the size and number of these storage solutions will need to be added.
  • The board approved the introduction of Outbuilding guidelines pending the improvement of the requirements and review by ARC.
  • Increase in guideline pages for other difficult to understand sections of the HOA
  • covenant ie: Fence construction.

Pool Opening Date: May 13, 2023

Bathroom to Pool Door Repair

  • Quote for replacing the door through “Access Control”
  • All would prefer to use another vendor, will request another service quote from Elite
  • Housing: seek contractor to replace door, Sam Hilson will likely re-install electronic lock system.

Discuss finding on other HOAs: 

  • HOA Value to Cost
  • GL HOA dues aren’t unreasonable; the thing that sets our HOA aside is that we have significant debt to overcome.
  • Moving forward with the vote to raise annual fees to address budget shortfalls
  • Agreed to use proposed raise to $650/house/year
  • Discussion around revisions to CC&R and By-Laws
  • 120 clause: change to requiring a ¾ vote to raise budget unless over 120% change in value
  •  In-Absentia vote: If you have been notified 30 days in advance but elect not to vote, the
  • board may vote in your stead.

Tree Removal

  • VP volunteered to conduct tree removal.

Financial Update

  • February
    • Net Cash $-335
    • Check: $16181.88
    • Money Market: $33K

Resident Time as Needed: No residents in attendance
Committee Updates

  • Social
    • Easter Egg Hunt April 8th Easter egg hunt 8APR, in search of donations to secure the event. Event will have two age groups, executed at the same time.

Any Additional Board Business

  • Camera Equipment has been ordered; Hilson plans to install.