Meeting Minutes – July 17, 2023

Meeting Agenda – Monday, July 17, 2023
● Call to Order – 6:32 pm
● Roll Call
○ Board
    ■ Teddy Schell – President
    ■ Tim Horning – Vice President
    ■ Ela Perry – Treasurer
    ■ John Maginot – Secretary
    ■ Sam Hilson – Communications
○ Committee Members
    ■ Toni Bridges
    ■ Mark Casey
    ■ Frances Cobbs
    ■ Brad Mecklenberg
○ Residents
● Ongoing Board Business
○ Amendment review
■ Review the voting language page

Reviewed page on voting language.

■ Review simplified computation language

Page reviewed on computation.

■ Request to compile a list of known amendments that have been passed
for the covenant to include in the living covenant page

Request will go out to see any history of covenant amendments that have passed in the
○ Tenant receivable collection letters
Collection letters have gone out by registered mail, one debt paid in full, another set up
payment plan; 4 tenants still delinquent on payment.
○ Lake wall project update
■ City request for movement of materials

Teddy Schell had a phone call with the contractor. Contractor continues to be unreliable.
● Treasurer
○ Financial Update
Reviewed budget.
○ June budget comparison
● Communications
○ Pool cleaning schedule publishing to residents
No Update
● Resident Concerns
● Committee Updates

○ Landscaping
■ Sprinkler system update

-Bushhogging behind playground approved $300. Landscaping team under new
-Sprinkler repairs will be made, ~$120
-Sprinkler controller is malfunctioning, board will investigate this weekend
■ approval status of major landscape project / 15244 LST
○ Social
Considering end of summer pool party
○ Pool
None present
○ Clubhouse
■ Request for 4 days blocked for painting project, paint donated


■ Water absorbent mat request

Discussion of replacing previous Clubhouse representative
○ Playground
● Additional Board Business
● Meeting Adjourned 7:40 pm.