August HOA Newsletter

Update on the Lake Repair

Here are the latest developments regarding the Lake Repair Project.

Seeking Expert Advice: As many of you are aware, the Lake Repair Project has encountered delays due to unforeseen circumstances with the contractor. The Board is actively addressing this challenge by collaborating with Elite Lawyers. Their specialized insight will guide us in understanding the legal implications of the potential contract termination and the necessary procedural steps.

Financial Update: To clarify, half of the project funds were paid upfront to the contractor as per our agreement. We are diligently evaluating the recoverability of any unutilized funds from this initial payment. However, we don’t expect the contractor to be willing to relinquish any paid funds without a legal battle. 

Remaining Funds: The remaining funds from the loan will be allocated to dealing with any legal needs we have while exiting the contract with New Era. Additionally, we will hold the funds for now to assist the landscaping committee in efforts to locate a new contractor to take on the lake repair project. 

Addressing City Concerns: The City of Huntsville expressed dissatisfaction with the contractor’s placement of materials near a storm drain, prompting potential fines and removal. We immediately conveyed the City’s concerns to the contractor and facilitated a dialogue to avoid penalties and material removal. The contractor initially agreed to relocate the materials as requested by the City. However, subsequent compliance efforts have faltered and the City will be addressing that directly with the contractor.

Next Steps: Despite the encountered challenges, we are proactively identifying alternative contractors to accomplish the lake repairs. Our objective is to ensure the timely progression of the project while upholding the exceptional standards of our community.

Community Protection and Safety: Our commitment to completing the lake wall repairs is rooted in a deep concern for the safety of our community. The decision to undertake these repairs is driven by the potential hazards that an unrepaired lake wall poses, including safety risks to those utilizing the lake area and property damage. Our unwavering dedication to these repairs is fueled by the need to safeguard our community’s property and well-being.

We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we address these challenges. Your support remains invaluable as we work together to enhance the safety and vitality of our community.

For additional information or any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to address your questions and concerns.

Pool Season Ending

The current pool season will end on the last day of September. The Social committee plans to have an end-of-the-pool season party on or around the last weekend in September. More details will follow as we near the end of the pool season. 

The board would like to thank the residents of the community for helping us maintain the pool this year and for having a mostly incident-free pool season. 

Arc Compliance

As a reminder to the community, it is essential to submit a proper ARC Request for any Improvements or changes to your property. Adding a Fence to your property also requires an ARC request. Additionally, the community guidelines detail the allowed stain colors for fences. Residents can find the Fencing Guidelines listed on our Residents page. Residents can submit an ARC request through the AppFolio Portal provided by Elite Housing Management. Residents should also remember to read the Grand Lake covenants concerning street parking.

HOA Board Meeting

Our Neighborhood HOA board meets monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. These meetings are open to all homeowners who wish to attend.

To help make sure that all discussion topics are covered, the board asks if you are attending for a specific issue for discussion that you email with a brief description/explanation at least 24 hours before the board meeting so the agenda can be updated and the board can provide time for you to speak about any concerns or issues you are having.

2023 Board Members:

Teddy Schell (President)
Tim Horning (Vice President)
Ela Perry (Treasurer)
John Maginot (Secretary)
Sam Hilson (Communication)

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