2023 Board Election


2023 HOA Board Election

The role of an HOA board is to govern and manage the affairs of the community association, including setting and enforcing policies, managing finances, maintaining common areas, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The board works to maintain and enhance property values, promote a harmonious community, and protect the rights and interests of all residents. The board is responsible for making decisions that affect the community, such as setting and collecting dues, managing community amenities, and resolving disputes between residents. Overall, the role of the HOA board is to ensure the effective operation of the community and serve the best interests of its residents.

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Meeting Minutes – 11/21/2022

  • Call to order: 18:33 Teddy Schell
  • Roll
    • Board
      • Teddy
      • Ela
      • Sam
    • Committee
      • Mark
  • Status of Lake repair
    • New Era Update
      • The contractor is waiting for the initial payment to get started
    • Loan Update
      • The loan paperwork is in for the loan
    • Try to finalize the vote and talk to Elite about how much we need for the majority
  • Financial Update
    • Net Income: $6175
    • Check $14325
    • Savings $10267
    • Utility bills are still very high
  • Resident Time (As needed)
    • No Residents were present
  • Committee Updates (As needed)
    • Landscaping
      • Dead trees on the corner need to be removed
    • Arc Complaints should be forwarded to compliance@grandlakehoa.com
    • Social
      • Looking into combing with Kathy Smiths Christmas functions
  • Additional Board Business
    • Vote for removal of current Secretary thru By-Laws Section 6
      • All in favor of removing the Secretary
      • Send a notice to Steve Lowder
    • Alabama Pool King’s early chemical buy program
      • All in favor
    • The pool table is now removed
    • Playground update
      •  All purchases are complete and the build starts tomorrow
  • Adjourn: 8:00 pm

Please cast your vote for the Lake Renovation Project