May 2022

Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 05/16/2022

  •  Call to order
    • HOA Communication Chair, Teddy Schell, called to order the March monthly meeting of the Grand Lake HOA Board at 1835pm on 05/16/2022 at the Community Clubhouse.
  • Roll call
    • The following were present 
    • Board: Teddy Schell(Via Phone), Jason Sowash, Sam Hilson, and Ela Perry 
    • Committee representative present: Finance, Social 
    • Residents: Kathy Hilson
  • Approval of minutes from the last meeting
    • Approved by email and posted to our website
  • Vice President Report on committees
  • Updates from committee
    • Pool
      • Does new liner repair expense affect the furniture budget? No
      • The pool committee presented the Pool Furniture proposal
      • Clubhouse rental policy, versus access to the pool and how it conflicts with pool visitor policy
        • 4 guest policy.
        • We will develop rules that must be signed with a rental that will make this policy clear.
      • Vandalism from Sunday, May 15th.
        • Reviewed Camera footage, was not vandalism, the plaque was broken by a small kid who jumped on it. 
    • Social:
      • June 17th Trivia night 7
      • Book club, Every 4th Monday at 7
      • We need receipts from social
    • Landscaping: Planting of flowers
      • We want to recognize the flowers being planted. They are very nice.
      • The Sea wall is leaning and damaged in places.
      • We are going to start getting quotes and evaluating the sea wall and may have to access those repairs on the 2023 dues.
      • Still having issues with the irrigation system
      • We discussed the signage for the lake. ARC will be getting with elite about signs
    • ARC: 
      • Meeting with Elite every month (1 st Tuesday of each month)
      • Sam will add a section on the website for pond rules
    • Finance:
      • We are asking if Elite can not send billing if paid in full and for a digital invoice option.
  • Treasurer report
    • net income $4,833
    • cash $26,800,  savings $17,244
  • Residents coming to board meeting:
    • Kathy Hilson
  • Resident time
    • Kathy Hilson proposed that the board consider replacing the playground equipment because the ship is attracting negative attention and the inside is being used as a hangout for smoking, is always trashed, and is full of graffiti.
    • We are going to get a quote and possibly set up a playground committee.
  • New Business:
    • Plumbing for pool vs. clubhouse painting quotes (Kara update in email)
      • Still getting painting quotes
    • Update/Discussion on Homes out of Compliance
      • Cease and Desist was served for ARC violation
      • Waiting for ARC request. Currently not received.
    • Pool swim lessons (Kara update in email)
      • Not currently an issue but it was discussed to make sure people are aware. This could be stopped if it becomes a problem
    • Looking at videos for pool vandalism
      • Replacing damaged decals
      • Pool lock replaced on the back gate
      • Kids from outside of the neighborhood are being let in without a homeowner as their host and are not following the rules which is causing the community to be upset. 
      • We can reach out to the neighborhood police officer for help with kids that are trespassing. 
      • Actual guests that are behaving are not the problem.
      • Homeowners are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
    • Key fob discussion
      • $25 for Replacement, or Extra
      • Renters must get keyfobs from home management
      • To pay can we set up a quick way to take payments such as venmo with Elite.
        • Elite said the preferred method is to contact them and have the fee added to billing through app portal.
    • Pool Gate compliance
      • The current pool gate does not have an emergency exist and we think this is a safety violation. 
      • We are contacting Elite to obtain a quote on addressing the possible safety violation.
    • Communication Updates
      • Email Migration complete, we will no longer be using personal emails.
      • Sam will send a directory.
      • Community Calander needs input from social
    • Information was shared about accessing the land trust behind the neighborhood.
  • Adjournment
    • HOA VP, Teddy Schell, adjourned the meeting at 2015pm.
    • Minutes submitted by:  Samuel Hilson
    • Minutes approved by:  Email 

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Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 04/18/2022

Call to Order

  • HOA President, Teddy Schell called to order the April monthly meeting of the Grand Lake HOA board at 1830 on 04/18/2002 at the Community Clubhouse.

Roll Call (The following were present):

  • Board Members: Teddy Schell, Jason Sowash, Ela Perry, Steven Lowder, Samuel Hilson
  • Committee representatives: N/A (not recorded)
  • Residents: N/A


  • Pool Budget discussed
  • Vynil and Aluminium options
  • Updated pool fill line request
  • Pool furnishings need to be put away


  • Event discussed
  • Christmas decorations
  • Cleaning service on a schedule
  • Need Elite to open the schedule for the clubhouse
  • Jason to write up guidelines


  • Putting flowers in
  • Starting mowing
  • Arc met with elite
  • Elite will be looking at common areas:
    • Will not fine for weeds in common areas
    • Items in common areas will be cited
    • Items in the backyard not allowed will be cited

Treasury report

  • Handling delinquent memberships
  • comparative for the quarter is still in progress
  • net income $4,833
  • board members were given access to the full report
  • cash $25,947,  savings $17,199

Miscellaneous updates

  • Ionas hosting accounts subscription fully canceled
  • The board members’ responsibilities were gone over again
  • $1200 quote for painting clubhouse put higher priority over pool work quotes
  • Discussion of car speed, speed bumps, and potential digital speed tracker sign offered by the city but no place to currently put it
  • Communication to be sent out about trimming all landscaping that blocks sidewalks


  • HOA President, Teddy Schell, adjourned the meeting (time not recorded)
  • Minutes submitted by: Steven Lowder
  • Minutes approved by: Email

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