Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 04/18/2022

Call to Order

  • HOA President, Teddy Schell called to order the April monthly meeting of the Grand Lake HOA board at 1830 on 04/18/2002 at the Community Clubhouse.

Roll Call (The following were present):

  • Board Members: Teddy Schell, Jason Sowash, Ela Perry, Steven Lowder, Samuel Hilson
  • Committee representatives: N/A (not recorded)
  • Residents: N/A


  • Pool Budget discussed
  • Vynil and Aluminium options
  • Updated pool fill line request
  • Pool furnishings need to be put away


  • Event discussed
  • Christmas decorations
  • Cleaning service on a schedule
  • Need Elite to open the schedule for the clubhouse
  • Jason to write up guidelines


  • Putting flowers in
  • Starting mowing
  • Arc met with elite
  • Elite will be looking at common areas:
    • Will not fine for weeds in common areas
    • Items in common areas will be cited
    • Items in the backyard not allowed will be cited

Treasury report

  • Handling delinquent memberships
  • comparative for the quarter is still in progress
  • net income $4,833
  • board members were given access to the full report
  • cash $25,947,  savings $17,199

Miscellaneous updates

  • Ionas hosting accounts subscription fully canceled
  • The board members’ responsibilities were gone over again
  • $1200 quote for painting clubhouse put higher priority over pool work quotes
  • Discussion of car speed, speed bumps, and potential digital speed tracker sign offered by the city but no place to currently put it
  • Communication to be sent out about trimming all landscaping that blocks sidewalks


  • HOA President, Teddy Schell, adjourned the meeting (time not recorded)
  • Minutes submitted by: Steven Lowder
  • Minutes approved by: Email