Meeting Minutes – September 18, 2023

Meeting Agenda – Monday, September 18, 2023
● Call to Order – 6:32 pm
● Roll Call
○ Board
■ Teddy Schell – President
■ Tim Horning – Vice President
■ Ela Perry – Treasurer
■ John Maginot – Secretary (Absent)
■ Sam Hilson – Communications
○ Committee Members
■ Francis Cobb
■ Kathy Hilson
■ Amy Miller
○ Residents
■ Lee Bradford
● Ongoing Board Business
○ Lake wall project update
■ No update / little communication, city waiting on us to remove
■ Board request to have an existing vendor move the rock to where it’s
needed around the lake, request for landscaping committee for
coordination (none present, notify to coordinate)
■ Proposals: President consult for legal opinion on how to proceed, how to
pursue refund from David
■ Recommend pursuing quote from hardscape company for least
expensive option to mitigate erosion, possibly large rock

● Treasurer
○ Financial Update
■ August update provided – $6,839.88 positive balance
○ Tenant receivable collections status
■ Almost all major delinquencies resolved, only two remaining and will be
sent to attorney
■ Largest offender not communicating/attempting to resolve (>$2K owed),
recommend setting up an out-of-cycle full board meeting to discuss with
emphasis on compliance, Treasurer will determine dues-only portion of

● Communications – no update, convenant to searchable webpage conversion still
● Resident Concerns –
● Committee Updates
○ Landscaping (no representative present)
■ Follow up – talk with LawnMasters lead on 22AUG – no update
■ Annual grounds contract proposal – before NOV – no update

■ Bush hogging completed / billed
■ Shrubs shaped (mostly), trees trimmed
■ Two sprinkler heads replaced – $280 billed
○ ARC (no representative present)
■ Approval status of major landscape project / 15244 LST – still no ARC
request submitted
■ Recurring parking violations at 15227 Lakeside Trl SW
○ Social
■ End of summer party 30 SEP, movie planned, pending social posts
■ Q4 planning ahead for holiday parties
○ Pool
○ Clubhouse
■ Painting plan – paint is on hand, will schedule day to paint
■ Cleaning not billed all year, no other pest service for clubhouse
■ Reach out to Jason to determine cleaning invoicing discrepancies
■ Update to rental contract to include no tape on walls (lose deposit)
■ Cover for back door infrared sensor
○ Playground
■ Replacement glider swing – replacement pending research

● Additional Board Business
○ State representative lake survey – request to survey lake within and behind
neighborhood, no issues provided no trespassing in yards

● Adjourn – 7:18

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Meeting Minutes – August 21, 2023

Meeting Agenda – Monday, August 21, 2023
● Call to Order – 6:30 pm
● Roll Call
○ Board
■ Teddy Schell – President (Remote)
■ Tim Horning – Vice President
■ Ela Perry – Treasurer
■ John Maginot – Secretary
■ Sam Hilson – Communications
○ Committee Members
 Sonnenbergs
 Mark Casey – Compliance
 Frances Cobbs
 Kathy Hilson
○ Residents
● Ongoing Board Business
○ Tenant receivable collection letters
■ Two responses, one balance paid in full, one payment plan initiated.
■ Remaining issues
○ Lakewall project update
■ City will fine construction company if gravel is not moved by Monday
■ If the lakewall project is not started by 22 August 21, 2023 the HOA will
have to start legal actions to recoup money from contractors.

● Treasurer
○ Financial Update
■ ~5k past due balances
■ Two members with balances of ~$800, 2x ~$500
■ One member with excessive debt at $2k
■ Alabama Pool Kings quoted $462 to replace multiport valve on pool pump
system. Board voted to approve.

● Communications
○ Posting of HOA covenants online in modernized text searchable format is
○ Historical covenant amendments are needed to complete the project.
● Resident Concerns
○ None Reported
● Committee Updates
○ Landscaping
■ Sprinkler system update
● Irrigation system temporary fix applied. Manual watering by
sprinkler main ongoing to maintain baseline landscape health.
● Landscaping contractor is not meeting the standards outlined in
his contract this will be discussed in a meeting with him 22AUG23.

■ Lake wall erosion / safety issue
● Landscaping committee will work to patch some holes around the
pond for safety concerns.

■ approval status of major landscape project / 15244 LST
● Retaining wall construction never completed ARC process.
■ Yard Light post fixture needs to be reviewed
○ Social
■ End of summer pool party yet to be planned, likely in the last weeks of

○ Pool
○ Clubhouse
■ Waiting for paint to be acquired to finish clubhouse projects
■ Chair upholstery refresh ongoing.
○ Playground
■ Glider Swing was broken and will need to be replaced

● Additional Board Business
○ None
● Adjourn 7:30 pm

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Meeting Minutes – July 17, 2023

Meeting Agenda – Monday, July 17, 2023
● Call to Order – 6:32 pm
● Roll Call
○ Board
    ■ Teddy Schell – President
    ■ Tim Horning – Vice President
    ■ Ela Perry – Treasurer
    ■ John Maginot – Secretary
    ■ Sam Hilson – Communications
○ Committee Members
    ■ Toni Bridges
    ■ Mark Casey
    ■ Frances Cobbs
    ■ Brad Mecklenberg
○ Residents
● Ongoing Board Business
○ Amendment review
■ Review the voting language page https://www.grandlakehoa.com/board-

Reviewed page on voting language.

■ Review simplified computation language

Page reviewed on computation.

■ Request to compile a list of known amendments that have been passed
for the covenant to include in the living covenant page

Request will go out to see any history of covenant amendments that have passed in the
○ Tenant receivable collection letters
Collection letters have gone out by registered mail, one debt paid in full, another set up
payment plan; 4 tenants still delinquent on payment.
○ Lake wall project update
■ City request for movement of materials

Teddy Schell had a phone call with the contractor. Contractor continues to be unreliable.
● Treasurer
○ Financial Update
Reviewed budget.
○ June budget comparison
● Communications
○ Pool cleaning schedule publishing to residents
No Update
● Resident Concerns
● Committee Updates

○ Landscaping
■ Sprinkler system update

-Bushhogging behind playground approved $300. Landscaping team under new
-Sprinkler repairs will be made, ~$120
-Sprinkler controller is malfunctioning, board will investigate this weekend
■ approval status of major landscape project / 15244 LST
○ Social
Considering end of summer pool party
○ Pool
None present
○ Clubhouse
■ Request for 4 days blocked for painting project, paint donated


■ Water absorbent mat request

Discussion of replacing previous Clubhouse representative
○ Playground
● Additional Board Business
● Meeting Adjourned 7:40 pm.

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Meeting Notes – 19 June 2023

  • Meeting Agenda – Monday, June 19, 2023
  • Call to Order – 6:32 pm Teddy Schell
    • Roll Call
      • Board
        • Teddy Schell – President
        • Tim Horning – Vice President (absent)
        • Ela Perry – Treasurer
        • John Maginot – Secretary
        • Sam Hilson – Communications
        • Committee Members
          • None Present
        • Residents
          • Joti Locker – 3013 Grand Lake Way, Huntsville AL
  • Ongoing Board Business
    • Legal review of covenants – board path forward
      • Covered the interpretation of the covenants.
      • “Total association vote” to be interpreted as “total population of legitimately cast votes”
    • ALM accident update
      • No updates
    • Lakewall project update
      • Turn the project over to Elite, recoup the money. The contractor is not responsive and has made no progress.
    • Clubhouse pool light installation, door repair update
      • Pool light has been installed and is functional. Angle will be readjusted.
      • New GFI Outlets installed at clubhouse
  • Treasurer
    • Financial Update
      • Ela Perry Reviewed budget.
      • 6x HOA members that are substantially past due on dues payments
        • One member on payment plan making progress
        • One member egregious violator, has made little to no progress on fines and other dues
        • Requested other delinquent members to pay debt within the next year. If no progress is made penalties will be assessed and potential legal action will be taken. Certified mail will be used to serve paperwork to delinquent residents.
  • Communications
    • Amendment vote update – communication plan, path forward
      • Move forward to with budget pass.
      • Given the new voting interpretations of the covenants we will likely refine the requested amendment changes
    • Pool cleaning schedule – how to inform residents
      • Pool cleaning schedule is not published, making pool use unpredictable for residents.
      • Ask the pool committee to confirm with Pool Kings when the pool will be serviced so that a schedule can be published.
  • Resident Concerns
    • Heather Aiello – incident, clubhouse policy concern
      • The party present at the clubhouse did not violate the HOA pool guest policy. The guests of the pool party were not raucous.
      • Pool house form should be revised to include pool house guest policy for signature.
  • Committee Updates
    • Landscaping
      • Sprinkler system is malfunctioning, current solution will be to run the system manually then shut it off.
    • ARC (Mark possibly absent)
    • Social
    • Pool – Pool party report
      • Pool party was very successful.
    • Clubhouse
      • Request for water-absorbent doormats to be purchased for the clubhouse.
    • Playground
  • Additional Board Business
    • Discussion of installation of bubblers/water circulation system in community lake. Budget does not currently support.
    • Compliance and violation issues:
      • Parking violations: Some neighbors are upset that parking is being enforced, some are upset that parking is not being enforced.
      • Floodlights and other bright lights around the lake and throughout the neighborhood are a nuisance to many neighbors in the house.
  • Adjourned – Called at 7:47 pm

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Meeting Minutes – 20 March 2023

Role Call

  • Board (all present)
    • President: Schell (Virtual)
    • VP: Hornung
    • Treasurer: Perry
    • Communications: Hilson
    • Secretary: Maginot
  • Committee Members
    • Social: Cobbs
  • Residents: None

Redstone Federal Credit Union Denying Deposits Due to Incorrect Recipient Name

  •  If any residents are making checks payable to “Elite Housing” instead of Grand Lake
  • HOA” the checks are being kicked back. All checks must be made payable to Grand
  • Lake HOA, not elite housing management.
  •  Either we can return checks to homeowners requesting they write the correct name, or
  • request homeowners enroll in autopay.
  •  Signature Cards: we need to update signature cards; this will require all signature card
  • holders to be present at the same time (3 people, president, treasurer and
  • representative from Elite)
  •  Discussing movement of HOA account to another location: Synovus on Whitesburg. Will
  • explore the possibility of changing accounts to Synovus bank.
  •  Closing this out, we need to assess the scope of this problem. How many people need
  • to switch the name they are writing checks out to; is it worth the effort to change the
  • entire financial institution for the HOA due to other effects, changing internet and utilities,
  • changing autopay/billpay for people who bank through Redstone FCU.
  •  Will revisit in next HOA meeting.

Discuss/Revise Outbuilding Guidelines and Adopt: 

  • https://www.grandlakehoa.com/outbuilding-guidelines/
  • Will begin maintaining a clearer definition of outbuilding requirements for garden boxes,
  • cabinets, other storage solutions for public knowledge in the neighborhood.
  • Clause limiting the size and number of these storage solutions will need to be added.
  • The board approved the introduction of Outbuilding guidelines pending the improvement of the requirements and review by ARC.
  • Increase in guideline pages for other difficult to understand sections of the HOA
  • covenant ie: Fence construction.

Pool Opening Date: May 13, 2023

Bathroom to Pool Door Repair

  • Quote for replacing the door through “Access Control”
  • All would prefer to use another vendor, will request another service quote from Elite
  • Housing: seek contractor to replace door, Sam Hilson will likely re-install electronic lock system.

Discuss finding on other HOAs: 

  • HOA Value to Cost
  • GL HOA dues aren’t unreasonable; the thing that sets our HOA aside is that we have significant debt to overcome.
  • Moving forward with the vote to raise annual fees to address budget shortfalls
  • Agreed to use proposed raise to $650/house/year
  • Discussion around revisions to CC&R and By-Laws
  • 120 clause: change to requiring a ¾ vote to raise budget unless over 120% change in value
  •  In-Absentia vote: If you have been notified 30 days in advance but elect not to vote, the
  • board may vote in your stead.

Tree Removal

  • VP volunteered to conduct tree removal.

Financial Update

  • February
    • Net Cash $-335
    • Check: $16181.88
    • Money Market: $33K

Resident Time as Needed: No residents in attendance
Committee Updates

  • Social
    • Easter Egg Hunt April 8th Easter egg hunt 8APR, in search of donations to secure the event. Event will have two age groups, executed at the same time.

Any Additional Board Business

  • Camera Equipment has been ordered; Hilson plans to install.

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Meeting Minutes – Monday, February 20th

  • Call to Order: Teddy Schell 6:36
  • Role Call
    • Board
      • Teddy Schell (Virtual)
      • Ela Perry
      • Sam Hilson
      • Jon Maginot
    • Committee
      • Frances Cobb
      • Toni Bridges
      • Mark
    • Residents
      • 2
  • Collection and Tally of Votes
    • Received 40 votes, and Board is in favor of accepting that as a quorum
    • One write-in for Ben Shapiro
  • Welcome new Board members
    • Welcomed Jon Maginot
    • Welcomed back Ela Perry
    • Tim Horning was not present
  • Present the Annual Budget
    • See Attached Budget document
    • Compared 2022 actual spending to the budget
      • Budgeted $86,200 but spent $90757.47
    • The 2023 budget requires a special assessment to balance and cover the Lake Loan.
  • Discuss the increase in Fees for the clubhouse
    • From $150 to $200 with a $100 refundable depository
      • The board approved this action
      • Anything currently reserved will use the current fees. 
      • Inform Elite of the new fee structure (Sam)
  • Discuss the status of Lake Renovation
    • Rain has slowed the process
    • Work is continuing
  • Discuss the status of the Special Assessment
    • Should we continue seeking the last votes we need for an assessment to cover lake repairs?
      • 84 of the 127 needed
      • This only deals with the lake problem and not our budget issues.
    • Should we start a new vote to cover the loan expenses for this year?
      • This would require a special assessment of $120 for the next 5 years to cover the Loan and interest.
    • Should we raise rates?
      • Rates could be raised by $150
        • This will pay off the loan in 2 years and save on the interest
        • This will cover the Lake Repair loan and allow the board to begin paying some extra on the $200k loan that we owe.
        • The board selected this as the best option
        • This requires a community Vote
        • We will require residents to vote before activating pool keys
    • Should we shut down services if we can’t afford operation expenses or raise rates?
      • Pool
      • Clubhouse
      • Lawn Services for common areas
  • Resident Time as Needed
    • No Resident Business was required
  • Committee Updates
    • Landscaping
    • Arc
    • Social
    • Pool
    • Clubhouse
    • Playground
  • Any Additional Board Business
    • Assigning Roles for new board members
      • President – Teddy Schell
      • VP – Tim Horning
      • Treasurer – Ela Perry
      • Communication – Sam Hilson
      • Secretary – Jon Maginot
  • Adjourn: 7:47

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Meeting Minutes – 11/21/2022

  • Call to order: 18:33 Teddy Schell
  • Roll
    • Board
      • Teddy
      • Ela
      • Sam
    • Committee
      • Mark
  • Status of Lake repair
    • New Era Update
      • The contractor is waiting for the initial payment to get started
    • Loan Update
      • The loan paperwork is in for the loan
    • Try to finalize the vote and talk to Elite about how much we need for the majority
  • Financial Update
    • Net Income: $6175
    • Check $14325
    • Savings $10267
    • Utility bills are still very high
  • Resident Time (As needed)
    • No Residents were present
  • Committee Updates (As needed)
    • Landscaping
      • Dead trees on the corner need to be removed
    • Arc Complaints should be forwarded to compliance@grandlakehoa.com
    • Social
      • Looking into combing with Kathy Smiths Christmas functions
  • Additional Board Business
    • Vote for removal of current Secretary thru By-Laws Section 6
      • All in favor of removing the Secretary
      • Send a notice to Steve Lowder
    • Alabama Pool King’s early chemical buy program
      • All in favor
    • The pool table is now removed
    • Playground update
      •  All purchases are complete and the build starts tomorrow
  • Adjourn: 8:00 pm

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Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 10/17/2022

  • Called to Order: President Teddy Shell, 6:30
  • Discuss the plan for lake repair with New Era
    • The project is approved and Elite has given the contractor the green light
    • Areas of the lake will be fenced off for safety
    • Survey for utilities
    • Adding gravel
    • Fix the most dangerous parts first
    • Depending on the weather, it could be done within a month to a month and half
    • The contractor is working on a quote for a possible sidewalk
  • Committee
    • Adopted new Fees, but we want to keep our same schedule
    • Mark Casey is going to once again do the election board
    • The playground Pirate ship is removed and materials are being purchased
  • Financial Update
    • Q3 budget review
      • Currently, we are over budget
      • Checking: 21789.80
      • Saving: 17260.57
  • Board Business
    • Lock for office installed
    • Welcome Harrold as the Interim VP
    • Reach out to Secretary about seeking a replacement
    • The financial committee needs to be stood down
    • Adding covenant and by-law review to the newsletter
  • Adjourned at 8:44

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Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 06/20/2022

Call to order
Teddy(President) Called the meeting to order at 1835

Acceptance of last meeting minutes
Accepted and Posted

Vice President Report on committees

  • Pool: No current updates
  • Social: No current updates
  • Landscaping: 
    • Lake lawn care to cover community property; 
    • Aqua Services is scheduled; Date to identify watercraft;
    • Board to put out a notice regarding watercraft in the common area; 
      • Put house numbers on watercraft
      • August 12th deadline to mark and cleanup watercraft
      • After the deadline board will look at removing any watercraft in violation.
      • Include reminders about the deadline in the newsletter.
      • All personal property is kept off the common area unless in use; 
    • Sprinklers are currently turned off for common areas and clubhouse and repairs are costly.
      • The board approved a $150 repair for the flowerbeds. The other systems will remain off.
    • The seawall is in disrepair but the repairs will be very extensive and costly. Currently, the solution is to add signage about the danger of the seawall.
  • ARC: 
    • Problems with Elite. They are not engaging with ARC on issues.
  • Finance: No current Updates
  • Clubhouse: No current Updates

Treasurer report
Net Income 15236.87
Cash 20444.45
Money Market 17247.59

Residents coming to board meeting:

  • Doug & Crystal Santana

New Business:

  • Clubhouse painting quote update
  • 15224 Lakeside Trail – Driveway extension that was done
    • Get new Arc request to cover addition to plan
  • Discussion clubhouse rules sent by Jason Shaw
  • Discuss current pool rules and needing to update
  • ARC committee requested time with the board:
  • Update on Major Arc Violations
  • Update on lake/entrance signage
    • Three signs for the lake access
  • June ARC meeting with Elite
  • Pool Committee Members asking people to provide a name and address has upset some residents. 
    • We are meeting with pool committee members to fully understand the situation and will draft a response once we have better knowledge of the incident.
  • Playground committee formation update
  • Key fob system to Elite update
    • New Reservation Contact is in the system and handling clubhouse rentals
    • New key fobs ordered from amazon
  • Pool emergency exit update
    • Quote for access control emergency pool exit, Approved
  • Adjourn

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Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 05/16/2022

  •  Call to order
    • HOA Communication Chair, Teddy Schell, called to order the March monthly meeting of the Grand Lake HOA Board at 1835pm on 05/16/2022 at the Community Clubhouse.
  • Roll call
    • The following were present 
    • Board: Teddy Schell(Via Phone), Jason Sowash, Sam Hilson, and Ela Perry 
    • Committee representative present: Finance, Social 
    • Residents: Kathy Hilson
  • Approval of minutes from the last meeting
    • Approved by email and posted to our website
  • Vice President Report on committees
  • Updates from committee
    • Pool
      • Does new liner repair expense affect the furniture budget? No
      • The pool committee presented the Pool Furniture proposal
      • Clubhouse rental policy, versus access to the pool and how it conflicts with pool visitor policy
        • 4 guest policy.
        • We will develop rules that must be signed with a rental that will make this policy clear.
      • Vandalism from Sunday, May 15th.
        • Reviewed Camera footage, was not vandalism, the plaque was broken by a small kid who jumped on it. 
    • Social:
      • June 17th Trivia night 7
      • Book club, Every 4th Monday at 7
      • We need receipts from social
    • Landscaping: Planting of flowers
      • We want to recognize the flowers being planted. They are very nice.
      • The Sea wall is leaning and damaged in places.
      • We are going to start getting quotes and evaluating the sea wall and may have to access those repairs on the 2023 dues.
      • Still having issues with the irrigation system
      • We discussed the signage for the lake. ARC will be getting with elite about signs
    • ARC: 
      • Meeting with Elite every month (1 st Tuesday of each month)
      • Sam will add a section on the website for pond rules
    • Finance:
      • We are asking if Elite can not send billing if paid in full and for a digital invoice option.
  • Treasurer report
    • net income $4,833
    • cash $26,800,  savings $17,244
  • Residents coming to board meeting:
    • Kathy Hilson
  • Resident time
    • Kathy Hilson proposed that the board consider replacing the playground equipment because the ship is attracting negative attention and the inside is being used as a hangout for smoking, is always trashed, and is full of graffiti.
    • We are going to get a quote and possibly set up a playground committee.
  • New Business:
    • Plumbing for pool vs. clubhouse painting quotes (Kara update in email)
      • Still getting painting quotes
    • Update/Discussion on Homes out of Compliance
      • Cease and Desist was served for ARC violation
      • Waiting for ARC request. Currently not received.
    • Pool swim lessons (Kara update in email)
      • Not currently an issue but it was discussed to make sure people are aware. This could be stopped if it becomes a problem
    • Looking at videos for pool vandalism
      • Replacing damaged decals
      • Pool lock replaced on the back gate
      • Kids from outside of the neighborhood are being let in without a homeowner as their host and are not following the rules which is causing the community to be upset. 
      • We can reach out to the neighborhood police officer for help with kids that are trespassing. 
      • Actual guests that are behaving are not the problem.
      • Homeowners are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
    • Key fob discussion
      • $25 for Replacement, or Extra
      • Renters must get keyfobs from home management
      • To pay can we set up a quick way to take payments such as venmo with Elite.
        • Elite said the preferred method is to contact them and have the fee added to billing through app portal.
    • Pool Gate compliance
      • The current pool gate does not have an emergency exist and we think this is a safety violation. 
      • We are contacting Elite to obtain a quote on addressing the possible safety violation.
    • Communication Updates
      • Email Migration complete, we will no longer be using personal emails.
      • Sam will send a directory.
      • Community Calander needs input from social
    • Information was shared about accessing the land trust behind the neighborhood.
  • Adjournment
    • HOA VP, Teddy Schell, adjourned the meeting at 2015pm.
    • Minutes submitted by:  Samuel Hilson
    • Minutes approved by:  Email 

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