Grand Lake HOA Meeting Minutes – 06/20/2022

Call to order
Teddy(President) Called the meeting to order at 1835

Acceptance of last meeting minutes
Accepted and Posted

Vice President Report on committees

  • Pool: No current updates
  • Social: No current updates
  • Landscaping: 
    • Lake lawn care to cover community property; 
    • Aqua Services is scheduled; Date to identify watercraft;
    • Board to put out a notice regarding watercraft in the common area; 
      • Put house numbers on watercraft
      • August 12th deadline to mark and cleanup watercraft
      • After the deadline board will look at removing any watercraft in violation.
      • Include reminders about the deadline in the newsletter.
      • All personal property is kept off the common area unless in use; 
    • Sprinklers are currently turned off for common areas and clubhouse and repairs are costly.
      • The board approved a $150 repair for the flowerbeds. The other systems will remain off.
    • The seawall is in disrepair but the repairs will be very extensive and costly. Currently, the solution is to add signage about the danger of the seawall.
  • ARC: 
    • Problems with Elite. They are not engaging with ARC on issues.
  • Finance: No current Updates
  • Clubhouse: No current Updates

Treasurer report
Net Income 15236.87
Cash 20444.45
Money Market 17247.59

Residents coming to board meeting:

  • Doug & Crystal Santana

New Business:

  • Clubhouse painting quote update
  • 15224 Lakeside Trail – Driveway extension that was done
    • Get new Arc request to cover addition to plan
  • Discussion clubhouse rules sent by Jason Shaw
  • Discuss current pool rules and needing to update
  • ARC committee requested time with the board:
  • Update on Major Arc Violations
  • Update on lake/entrance signage
    • Three signs for the lake access
  • June ARC meeting with Elite
  • Pool Committee Members asking people to provide a name and address has upset some residents. 
    • We are meeting with pool committee members to fully understand the situation and will draft a response once we have better knowledge of the incident.
  • Playground committee formation update
  • Key fob system to Elite update
    • New Reservation Contact is in the system and handling clubhouse rentals
    • New key fobs ordered from amazon
  • Pool emergency exit update
    • Quote for access control emergency pool exit, Approved
  • Adjourn