Board Policies

Grand Lake HOA Board Interpretations of the Covenant

Clarification of Covenant Voting

Many terms in the Covenant document do not have an official definition and to help clarify how voting works the following definitions are used by the board.

  1. Total Association Vote:

    The total number of votes received during a valid voting period for board business or amends to the covenant.

  2. Eligible Votes:

    These are the votes that are considered valid and permissible in the decision-making process of the association. Eligible votes typically exclude any votes that are disqualified, restricted, or not meeting specific criteria as defined in the association’s governing documents.

  3. Majority of the total Association:

    A majority vote is more than 50% of the votes received.

  4. Quorum requirement:

     A quorum is constituted when owners representing at least 25% of the eligible vote are present. 25% of 169 is 43 votes. 

Article IV, Section 3: Computation*

The Board has the responsibility to create a yearly budget that covers the estimated expenses of running the Association that includes a contribution to a capital expense fund. Capital expenses are recorded in a separate budget.  The Board must provide the budget and the assessments (amounts to be paid by each member) for the upcoming year to every member at least 30 days before the current fiscal year ends (by November 30th).

Unless disapproved by a majority of the total association vote (ex: 85 votes if 169 votes received) at the annual budget meeting, the budget and assessments become effective. However, if the members reject the proposed budget or if the Board fails to determine the budget for the next year, the budget from the current year will continue until a new budget is established.

*  This is a simplified version of the covenant Article IV, Section 3: Computation. However, this does not change the requirements or rules established by the computation clause.

Parking Policy

Residents are to follow the Covenants with the exception that residents are allowed to park on their driveways as long as they do not obstruct sidewalk usage. Street parking is not allowed.

Basketball Goal Policy

Residents are not allowed to place or store basketball goals in the street or where they obstruct sidewalk usage.

Watercraft Storage Policy

Owners are allowed to use and store boats on Grand Lake with the following conditions:

  • All vessels used on the lake must be owned by residents
  • Gasoline-powered vessels are not allowed on the lake
  • The storage of all watercraft must be on the owner’s property when not in the water
  • Watercraft cannot be left on the common areas which are from the owner’s property line to the edge of the lake (HOA mowing requirement)
  • Mooring watercraft on the lake edge next to the seawall is authorized if the securing anchor is next to the seawall and the attached line is positioned so that it will not interfere with the HOA mowing operations
  • All watercraft left afloat in the lake must be secured and held within five feet of the seawall
  • All watercraft left afloat on the lake must have clear markings of the owner’s house number on the left side of the vessel as near the bow as feasible with no less than 2 ½ inch tall numbers
  • When watercraft are stored in violation of these rules they may be subject to violation assessments and/or disposal by the HOA