Book Club: Good Rich People

This month we are reading Good Rich People by Eliza Jane Brazier. Please join us for a lively discussion on Monday, March 27th at 7 pm in the clubhouse. Bring a snack or drink to share! Also, bring book ideas for future readings!

Read on for a synopsis:

Lyla has always believed that life is a game she is destined to win, but her husband, Graham, takes the game to dangerous levels. The wealthy couple invites self-made success stories to live in their guesthouse and then conspires to ruin their lives. After all, there is nothing worse than a bootstrapper.


Demi has always felt like the odds were stacked against her. At the end of her rope, she seizes a risky opportunity to take over another person’s life and unwittingly becomes the subject of the upstairs couple’s wicked entertainment. But Demi has been struggling forever, and she’s not about to go down without a fight.


In a twist that neither woman sees coming, the game quickly devolves into chaos and rockets toward an explosive conclusion.


Because every good rich person knows: in money and in life, it’s winner takes all. Even if you have to leave a few bodies behind.

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